The criteria and rules applied by Indi Marketers, S.L. in respect of the use of the data that you freely and voluntarily provide us with on are set down below.



The entity responsible for the portal and the processing is Indi Marketers, S.L. (hereinafter, Indi Marketers), a company incorporated in Spain, with Corporate Tax ID No. B-86984499 and with registered office at Calle Gaztambide 40, bajo derecha, 28015 Madrid.

You may contact us by email at or by phone on (+34) 91 635 0582.



At Indi Marketers we process the information provided by our data subjects for the following purposes:         

  1. Offering them Indi Marketers products and services according to your interests.
  2. Keeping users informed of new developments, news and actions carried out by Indi Marketers.
  3. Sending out advertising contents, both of our own and of third parties, as well as direct marketing actions based on the available information and that provided by you.
  4. Sending, as the case may be, commercial communications by electronic means.
  5. Creating commercial profiles based on the information provided and making automated decisions, always of a commercial nature, based on that profile.

To execute these purposes, we shall only ask for data that are strictly necessary. We shall always process only the essential data for which you have given us your consent.

Whenever it is foreseen that there may be further processing of personal data for a purpose other than that for which they were collected, data subjects will be provided, prior to that further processing, with information on that other purpose and any other relevant additional information.

However, in conformity with the current laws in force, if a Public Administration with jurisdiction, any other Public Administration, Courts of Law or Tribunals request information, we have the obligation of surrendering it, as well as if the Law imposes the obligation of disclosing information to a third party.

We shall conserve your personal data as long as you continue to have commercial or professional relations and/or activities with Indi Marketers. Once our commercial or professional relations and/or activities cease to take place, we shall erase your data. If at any time any Regulations make it obligatory for us to conserve your data for a period beyond what is indicated, we shall do so because we must comply with the Regulations, but we shall communicate this to you.



The legal basis for the processing of the data is determined by your consent, by the execution of a commercial or labour agreement to which you are party, for the application of precontractual measures or because the processing is necessary to meet the legitimate interests of Indi Marketer, namely the effective management and development of our marketing and advertising campaigns for companies.

Your consent is essential for us to be able to obtain your data. Our relationship is based on you giving us your consent to process your data, which we shall not do unless you expressly consent to it, with the exception of cases of legitimate interest.

 At Indi Marketers, S.L, you give us your consent when:

  1. You tick the acceptance box under the Privacy Policy.
  2. You press the button to send us the form with your personal data.

Only you can decide whether you accept and what you accept, but we need you to mark the Privacy Policy to be able to process your personal data.

We only ask you to act responsibly when sharing information. We cannot control or review the legality of the information you provide us with, therefore in no event shall we be liable for any consequences arising from the illegality, unlawfulness, alteration, misuse, fraud or penalties deriving from the information you provide us with.In this respect, if you give us data, we understand that you guarantee that they are exact, truthful and they are not third-party data.



No data shall be assigned to third parties unless we are legally obligated to do so. There shall be no international data transfers.

The foregoing is without prejudice to the services contracted with consultants/advisors for the sole purpose of performing those services, always within the framework of compliance with the data protection regulations and respecting confidentiality agreements.

Also, whenever, in connection with a contractual or legal relationship, it is necessary to communicate your data in order to fulfil the purpose, we shall inform you and request your consent.



Your rights in respect of your personal data are the following:

  • Right of Access: The right to request and obtain, free of charge, information on the nature, origin, source or purpose of the processing affecting your data.
  • Right of Rectification: The right to amend any data that are inexact or incomplete.
  • Right ofErasure (rightto "be forgotten"): The right to request the cancellation, elimination or removal of your personal data at any time.
  • Right to Object: The right to decide that there should be no specific processing of your data.
  • Rightto Data Portability: The right to request that your data be transferred to other Enterprises, Institutions, Organisations or to yourself.

You may exercise your rights by sending a written communication to Indi Marketers at Calle Gaztambide 40, bajo derecha, 28015 Madrid, indicating in the subject “Data Protection Rights”; or by email to

Also, you may revoke your consent whenever you wish to do so, using the same means, a written communication with the request sent to Calle Gaztambide 40, bajo derecha, 28015 Madrid, or by email to

If you have any doubts, complaints, suggestions or any other matters you wish to query regarding data processing at Indi Marketers, send us an email to

In any event, you have the right to file a claim if you consider it appropriate with the data protection authority, Agencia Española de Protección de Datos [Spanish Data Protection Agency].



Before going on, we want you to know that, according to the regulations, personal data is any information on yourself allowing us to identify you in some way or another (i.e., directly or indirectly).

At Indi Marketers we can group together the data we obtain in the following categories: 

  1. Data we ask for on the different forms published from time on the website or official documentation of Indi Marketers: identification data, postal addresses.
  2. Data we obtain when using tools to facilitate registration such as Facebook, which you explicitly authorise Facebookto provide when completing the registration.
  3. Data we need to obtain to be able to prove that you have given your consent to our gathering your data under the previous point (at least: identification, IP, data end time).
  4. Data you may voluntarily incorporate during your interactions with Indi Marketers contents such as clicks, comments, or selection of certain contents.
  5. Data on your professional profile (experience, studies, languages, etc.), as well as data on candidacies or job offers managed using the functionalities available for such purpose at Indi Marketers.
  6. Data related to your interests and professional ambitions.
  7. We do not process especially protected data.

Last of all, we wish to inform you that the Privacy Policy may change in the future, for instance due to regulatory changes or changes in the functionalities of Indi Marketers. If any such changes affect your rights or your privacy, or the way in which we process your personal data, we shall inform you beforehand so that you know how it affects you and you can decide whether you accept it.


7. “security” OF THE DATA

At Indi Marketers we have adopted technical and organisational measures, suited to the nature of the data we process, for the sole purpose of guaranteeing the maximum security and confidentiality in the processing of personal data. If you require any additional information on security in the processing of your data, ask us for it by email at

Last of all, we wish to inform you that the Privacy Policy may change in the future, for instance due to regulatory changes or changes in the functionalities of Indi Marketers. If the changes affect your rights or your privacy, or the way in which we process your personal data, we shall communicate this to you beforehand, so that you may know how they affect you and decide whether you accept those changes.


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