Marketing as a Service MaaS

Pay for the use of marketing resources you need only. You may have a team of experts on all of the marketing tactics and technologies, as well as all the marketing content and marketing tools that your business needs.

New Marketing challenges

Today‚Äôs organizations and marketing departments are in need of a large number of professionals with a range of profiles, as well as a large number of tools to help them reach their potential customers through the new channels that arise day after day. 

Strategic marketing director, SEO expert, SEM expert, experts on web design and web developing, journalists and media communications professionals who help us to create content, sucess stories, how-to videos, product sheets, bloggers, Inbound Marketing experts, Marketing Automation tools, HTML forms linked to databases or CRM, experts on Customer Experience, customer loyalty programs, software, graphic design software, video editing software, SEO software, and so on. 


INDI MaaS solution

Managing internally all these necessities is a complex matter. Marketing as a Service, INDI Maas, by INDI marketers, provides businesses with everything they need, both the specialists and the technology, but for the length of time they are needed only.

Our way of operating consists in assessing alongside our customers all their businesses need in order to generate demand (tools, staff, content, and so on) and provide them with everything, but only in the amount they actually need. For this, either a fix monthly fee, or a payment agreement for the use of the services rendered at the end of each month is established.

You want it all and want it now? 


Are you interested in a free-of-charge assessment of all the human resources, tools and content your business need?

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