Co-marketing programs for the IT industry: managing marketing actions tailored to the manufacturer’s needs, making easy for the partners the execution of those actions.

What the manufacturer says 

Partners don’t use co-marketing funds.

Partners use co-marketing funds in actions that don’t generate demand. 

Partners don’t report the results of their co-marketing actions, and so return on investment can’t be measured.

How does Channel INDI help the manufacturer?

The use of funds by the partners is ensured. 

Possibility of defining alongside us a marketing menu to make sure that co-marketing funds are used in actions aligned with the manufacturer’s sales goals as well as with the manufacturer’s image campaign. 

Partners use the report format defined by the manufacturer, and so leads can be easily measured and uploaded into internal systems. 

Incident management is reduced when the partners work with agencies that are perfectly familiar with the terms and conditions of the programs.


What the partner says

The manufacturer doesn’t provide co-marketing funds

I don’t reclaim co-marketing funds because the process to do it is extremely difficult.

My request for funds has been rejected and the deadline for a new application has passed. 

How does Channel INDI help the manufacturer?

Working with an agency that knows well the manufacturer’s priorities, image campaign and incentive program terms and conditions, and supports them in the different steps of the marketing funds request.

Working with an agency that ensures the optimization of funds allocated by the manufacturer as well as the possibility to define a global marketing plan by combining various incentive programs.

Records and performance reports are issued in the formats required by the manufacturer for results reporting and approval of invoices.


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