Hook your prospects while they are searching information online that is related to your business and convert them into clients.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a new approach to marketin that is based in the use of technology to attract prospects to your web sites while they are searching information about products or services related to your business. In this way, you get to interact with them so as to convert them into clients.

To achieve this goal, marketing departments are increasingly in need of technology.


Stages for gaining customers

 which comprises all the tactics that help us attract to our sites/web spaces traffic that is relevant to our business (SEO, SEM, PPC, content marketing, marketing mix, etc.).

Identification: this refers to every tactic used in order to get to identify that anonymous traffic that lands into our web spaces -by means of getting some data from those visitors- so as to start interacting with them – content marketing, web analysis, A/B testing, etc.

Conversion: at this point, visitors have been already identified and we have some of their details. Now we need to work using tactics that allow us to educate them on our product or service in order to convert visitors into qualified leads and, eventually, into clients - lead nurturing, lead scoring, sales management, etc. 

Does this method suit your business?

While Inbound Marketing is an approach that can be of help to any kind of business, it is specially effective when dealing with products or services to which more time of pre-purchase online information seeking is dedicated because the buyer needs to justify his/her decission. This may be either because he/she is buying for his/her business -in the case of B2B products and services- or -in the case of B2C enviroments- because he/she is buying for him/her or his/her family something that requires a significant investment of money and, consequently, making the right choice is essential.

Where to start

The start point may be carrying out pilot projects based on specific campaigns, and then moving to a more global, corporate strategy. In both cases, working with an Inbound Marketing approach consists of two main parts: methodology and technology. 

Methodology: it is important to follow a series of previous steps closely related to the definition of the marketing strategy, the content plan, and the design of the relationship processes with prospects, leads and clients.

Technology: there are several tools available in the market, so we need to understand what we actually need in order to choose the adequate ones (SEO, Social Media, Marketing Automation, etc.)


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